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Nov 1996
Polymers and Plastics
Specialty Chemicals and Advanced Materials

High Performance Polyesters

The technology and economics of several high performance polyesters is presented including modified PET (with isophthalic acid or cyclohexyldimethanol), polyethylene naphthalate, and polytrimethylene terephthalate. Applications and markets are also discussed.
Aug 1996

Methacrylic Acid/Methacrylates

Compares the economic evaluation of MMA production: acetone cyanohydrin, isobutylene, t-butyl alcohol, BASF ethylene hydroformylation, Asahi metahacrylonitrile, Mitsubishi Gas Chem. HCN recyle, Roehm carbonylation of propylene, Shell/ICI methyl acetylene. Regional Forecasts are given.