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Feb 2008
Renewable Chemicals and Energy

Biobutanol: The Next Big Biofuel

This study examines the manufacturing (by biological and thermochemical routes), economic, global commercial, regulatory, and practical feasibility of biobutanol, and considers whether/how it could fit into existing ethanol/petroleum gasoline infrastructure.
Nov 2007
Oil, Gas and Refined Products

Carbon Management: CO2 Capture, Transport and Sequestration

This study details the major issues surrounding carbon capture and storage in the power and industrial sectors. Study includes: technology, costs, applications, transport and storage, and regulatory information based on current policy and the impacts of proposed future legislation.
Sep 2006
Polymers and Plastics

Strategic Assessment of Middle East Impact on the Asian Petrochemical Industry

This study provides a strategic evaluation of Middle East industry structure, competitiveness, and future direction of the Asian Industry with a view towards identifying opportunities/threats for Asian producers/potential entrants.
Aug 2006

Adding Value to Methane - Strategic Opportunities for the Middle East

The study provides a valuable aid for strategic planning at a time of opportunity and challenge for methane exploitation. Study includes: regional market dynamics, impact on global trade, technology, capex/opex, and cost competitiveness.