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Renewable Chemicals and Energy
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Inorganic Chemicals and Fertilizers

Hydrogen: Realistic Game Changer?

Although hydrogen is the most abundant element on earth, it does not exist in nature in in its pure form and needs to be extracted from different (often very strong) molecules (e.g. water or hydrocarbons).  This usually results in expensive (energy intensive) production economics.  This report examines possible demand scenarios where hydrogen will be adopted as an energy carrier in various “new” applications and what it will take to actually produce this amount of hydrogen from an economic and market perspective.  Conclusions are drawn on the realistic implementation of hydrogen as an energy carrier, especially in the transportation sector.
Dec 2015
Polymers and Plastics
Inorganic Chemicals and Fertilizers

Strategic Assessment: Future of the Iranian Petrochemical Industry

This report provides a strategic assessment of the key elements of change expected in the petrochemical industry from the renewed acceptance and likely easing of sanctions in Iran.  Before sanctions took hold and curtailed the development of the largely export-oriented industry, Iran had ambitious plans to develop a world scale petrochemical industry. When this development stalled other Middle Eastern players took advantage of the opportunity. However, a re-emergence of petrochemical momentum in Iran would undoubtedly have implications for the rest of the Middle East industry and how it develops.  Nexant looks at the current state of the industry in Iran and evaluates how it will develop, assessing the real opportunities for investors and how this will impact the global markets.