Special Reports

Special Reports

Our Special Reports analyze issues of topical importance to the energy and chemicals industry.  Each special report explores the subject matter in detail to providing an up-to-date and thorough understanding of the related issue allowing investment decisions and new business strategy to be formulated.

Recent reports include:

China’s Refining Industry - The Transforming Giant

This report examines the environment in which China's refining industry operates, including the key economic and market drivers spurring shifts in refined product demand, and presents projections of potential product demand trends to 2030. In addition, the historical and projected development of refining capacity and output in the country is addressed, alongside implications for China's net trade position for the key refined products.  Finally, analysis is presented of the independent and state-owned refining sectors, the competitiveness of Chinese refineries, and the issue of integration between refineries and petrochemical production.

Polyisobutylene (PIB): Markets in Motion

The polyisobutylene (PIB) market has been in flux recently, because of feedstock, process, and applications dynamics.  Nexant has prepared a suite of three reports using an integrated/modular approach to analyze PIB markets, economics, and technology. This study will be useful to players all along the value chain, and especially to PIB producers, feedstock suppliers, PIB consumers, and potential new players considering entering the PIB market.  The purpose of this report is to analyze developments in PIB markets, economics, and technology; and to provide insights into future prospects for the global industry via a three oil scenario (high, medium, low) approach. The three reports in the suite are Polyisobutylene (PIB): Markets in Motion, Volume 1: Market Analysis; Polyisobutylene (PIB): Markets in Motion, Volume 2: Economic Analysis; and Polyisobutylene (PIB): Markets in Motion, Volume 3: Technical Analysis.

Oil Price and the Cost Competitiveness of Petrochemicals

Given the large capital investments required to develop world scale petrochemical plants, project sponsors need to understand how the cost competitiveness and return on their investments will be impacted under various oil price scenarios.  This report analyzes investment opportunities based on three oil price scenarios and the impact it has on cost curve position, delivered cost and return on capital.


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