Markets and Profitability

Petrochemical Simulator

The Petrochemical Simulator is our proprietary simulation model used to generate all the analyses and forecasts available when subscribing to our Markets and Profitability program.

Our simulation model is an experience-based database running commodity petrochemical business logic algorithms to produce multi-scenario simulations of the global industry.  It is integrated from end-use markets back to polymer consumption to intermediates, through monomers to petrochemical feedstocks.  The model considers inter-material competition, inter-regional price relationships, chain margins, product substitution, logistic costs and trade drivers.  Costs and prices are integrated from crude oil and petrochemical feedstocks through olefins and aromatics to intermediates and polymers.

Our Petrochemical Simulator is more than just an integrated petrochemical industry simulation; it is a complete planning process that is available to our clients to license and has been proven to bring real competitive advantage to subscribers.

Licensing the Petrochemical Simulator

The Petrochemical Simulator enables clients to align business strategy and investment planning with petroleum/petrochemical business developments.  Parameters relating to market growth, technology, competitiveness, major players, etc. can be adjusted to test assumptions and enable customized forecasting and scenarios.

The model may be used as delivered with our business logic algorithms and relationships ready programmed, or it may be customised to your company views – ensuring that the experience and expertise of your company is programmed into your version of the simulator.

Subscription to the Petrochemical Simulator is fully supported by our global team to provide on-site training workshops, custom installation of the Petrochemical Simulator software, modelling and scenario development support, etc.


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